Black Orchid

  1. Keep your cool this summer

    Keep your cool this summer
    Summer for outdoor gardeners means hot, sunny days to work out in the garden and cool evenings watering the plants. Summer for indoor gardeners means battles with high wattage lamps, the need for Air con VS your electricity bill and a constant worry your plants will shrivel up and overheat in the dessert like conditions your grow room can become...
  2. the-blauberg-group-acquire-black-orchid

    The Blauberg Group acquire retailer Black Orchid to service Worldwide horticultural market.   The Blauberg Group have recently acquired horticultural retailer Black Orchid.   The acquisition will see Black Orchid become a worldwide brand in the horticultural market with The Growers Wholesale distributing Black Orchid products across the UK to horticultural shops.   The Blauberg Group headquarters are based in...

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