Even-flo Carbon Filter

The Black Orchid Even-flo carbon filter confidently manages odour elimination whilst extracting air. 

The cylindrical, aerodynamic body is manufactured from metal alloy to ensure strength and the aluminum base and spigot are removable and changeable for an enhanced filter life. 

The filter mesh is manufactured to a 55% open mesh specification for an efficient airflow with reduced restriction whilst the 50mm carbon bed ensures a sufficient dwell time for the extract air to pass over the carbon, ensuring odours are efficiently removed from the environment. 

Even-flo filters use virgin, double activated carbon in a granular form for true VOC and odour adsorption.  



  • 50mm Granular Carbon Bed. 
  • Aluminium base and spigot with interchangeable design.
  • Estimated 2 year lifespan.
  • Removable and washable pre-filter sleeve.
  • High porosity carbon for effective odour adsorption.
  • Specially designed filter mesh to ensure a perfect balance between dwell time and airflow.
ProductSize (mm)Carbon Bed (mm)Airflow (m3/h)
BO-EF-100-300 100x300 50mm 370
BO-EF-125-300 125x300 50mm 600
BO-EF-150-400 150x400 50mm 850
BO-EF-150-600 150x600 50mm 1280
BO-EF-200-600 200x600 50mm 1425
BO-EF-250-600 250x600 50mm 1650
BO-EF-250-1000 250x1000 50mm 2750
BO-EF-315-600 315x600 50mm 1920
BO-EF-315-1000 315x1000 50mm 3200
BO-EF-315-1200 315x1200 50mm 3840