Expando V2

Following the success of the original, we teamed up with the creators Extendo Grow to create an even more versatile, durable grow tent maximiser.

The V2 has been improved with stronger aluminium poles and a new securing mechanism ensuring that it will not move once attached.

An essential item for any indoor grow tent set up. The Expando brings a solution to the negative pressure caused by installed extractor fans, this makes the sides of the grow tent bow inwards. The Expando pushes these bowed sides outwards, giving your plants more space to grow and a reduced risk of damage.

Scroll down to find out more benefits of using the Expando V2.


Benefits of using the Expando

  • More light space & room for growth.
  • Better airflows & reduced hotspots.
  • Reduced Risk of damaged plants & mould.
  • Handles high negative pressure. 
  • Adds stability to tent.
  • Easy & quick to assemble. 
  • Adjustable bar grip.
  • Strong, Light & Durable.
  • Adjustable for all tents 1m+.
  • Add or remove at anytime.
  • Bigger & better yields