Plastic 90 Degree Bend

All Black Orchid products are manufactured by the international ventilation company, The Blauberg Group. The company specialises in residential & industrial ventilation, guaranteeing the quality of our Blaufast PVC Ducting.

Blauberg plastic ducting bends are robust, versatile and easy to fit to solid plastic, flexible or insulated ducting giving you the ability to make a tight radius, 90 degree bend in any ventilation ducting system.

Round plastic ducting is available in 100mm (4"), 125mm (5") & 150mm (6") diameters and is the preferred duct for most light industrial installations due to having a smooth inner surface. This reduces air resistance, increasing the efficiency of your ventilation system. 

It is important to note that keeping tight radius bends to a minimum will increase airflow, reduce noise and reduce the running costs of your extractor fan. This is particularly important when extracting stale, humid air from your kitchen, bathroom toilet or utility rooms with inline fans.

As low as £2.73