Plastic Duct Coupler

All Black Orchid products are manufactured by the international ventilation company, The Blauberg Group. The company specialises in residential & industrial ventilation, guaranteeing the quality of our Blaufast PVC Ducting systems.

A full range of white solid plastic ducting, compatible with all Black Orchid products is available. The standardisation of diameters also allows fitting to all European ventilation equipment, ducting, grilles and extractor fans.

Use Blaufast RV plastic duct connectors to join lengths of solid or flexible duct together.

The coupler is male (small end) and will fit inside with the ducting. Please use worm drive clips and / or duct tape to join and make an air tight seal.

Round plastic ducting is the preferred duct for most household, commercial and light industrial installations due to having a smooth inner surface. This reduces air resistance, increasing the efficiency of your ventilation system. 

As low as £1.09