Solid Circular Silencer

Blauberg SD duct mounted silencers are designed for maximum sound reduction for general ventilation systems. Silencers reduce in duct noise by passing air over a perforated inner core. Air noise is absorbed through the perforations into a dense 50mm wall of sound dampening mineral rock-wool. The silencer is is then housed in a solid outer skin.

For the best results, silencers can generally be mounted anywhere in duct ventilation system but work best mounted downstream of an extractor fan or air handling unit. An additional silencer can be mounted upstream to reduce inlet noise.

As low as £14.70 Regular Price £24.50
  • A full range of high capacity duct mounted silencers.
  • Duct diameters from 100mm to 315mm.
  • Available in 600 & 900m lengths.
  • Packed with acoustic mineral wool for maximum sound reduction.
  • 5 Year Blauberg warranty.
  • Airtight connection made with rubber seals.
  • Designed to fit all standard duct sizes.
  • Galvanised steel casing.
  • High density, non-flammable mineral acoustic insulating rock wool.