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The Acoustica-box is an in-line metal box fan. The centrifugal impeller and Blauberg motor are enclosed within a galvanized steel casing that is heat and sound insulated.

Acoustica-box features a 2 or 4 pole motor (size dependent) that is equipped with ball bearings for a longer service life. The centrifugal impeller with forward curved blades is dynamically balanced to ensure high airflow levels against resistances caused by long duct runs and carbon filters.

Ideal for supply or extract ventilation, Acoustica-box can be controlled by an external speed controller.

Acoustica-Box is also fitted with a removable mounting bracket.
Different mounting points are located along the body of the fan to make installation easier.



  • Supplied with 1.8m power cable and fitted UK or EU plug.
  • Ideal for systems with high levels of resistance that also require quiet operation.
  • Protection rating IPX4 and equipped with overheating protection.
  • Mounting brackets included.
  • Blauberg German Motor.
  • Five year Black Orchid warranty.
ModelDescriptionAir Flow [m3/h]Power [w]Noise Level [dBa]
BO-AB-100-UK Black Orchid Acoustica-box Fan 4" Dia c/w UK Plug & Lead 400 115 36
BO-AB-125-UK Black Orchid Acoustica-box Fan 5" Dia c/w UK Plug & Lead 530 120 38
BO-AB-150-UK Black Orchid Acoustica-box Fan 6" Dia c/w UK Plug & Lead 730 260 39
BO-AB-200-UK Black Orchid Acoustica-box Fan 8" Dia c/w UK Plug & Lead 850 110 29
ModelDBHLPWeight [kg]
BO-AB-100-UK 99 184 308 310 48 4.22
BO-AB-125-UK 123 204 308 310 48 4.57
BO-AB-150-UK 148 231 343 358 48 6.28
BO-AB-200-UK 198 282 408 445 48 8.25